The rest of creepytony…

(1:54:41 PM) creepytony329482: sup

(1:54:46 PM) creepytony329482: whats going on

(1:59:05 PM) xjhorsley3x: not muich

(1:59:07 PM) xjhorsley3x: who is this?

(1:59:28 PM) creepytony329482: my name is rshxd

(2:01:40 PM) xjhorsley3x: rshxd?

(2:01:42 PM) xjhorsley3x: interesting name

(2:03:20 PM) xjhorsley3x: youve been sending me some very interesting IMs

(2:05:50 PM) creepytony329482: i r norwegian

(2:05:58 PM) creepytony329482: of course, nords are an interesting people

(2:06:07 PM) xjhorsley3x: i concure

(2:06:15 PM) xjhorsley3x: lots of talk about kykes and niggers

(2:06:29 PM) creepytony329482: we nords are racist people

(2:07:10 PM) xjhorsley3x: ahhh whitey lovin niggers haters huh?

(2:07:17 PM) xjhorsley3x: where did you get my im name from?

(2:07:40 PM) creepytony329482: we are techncially of chinese origin

(2:07:56 PM) creepytony329482: why did you call me whitey

(2:08:06 PM) creepytony329482: im offended

(2:08:08 PM) xjhorsley3x: because its funny

(2:08:18 PM) creepytony329482: its not, i’m a mongoloid

(2:08:39 PM) xjhorsley3x: slant eyes?

(2:08:55 PM) xjhorsley3x: you get offended yet you make racists remarks to me

(2:09:03 PM) xjhorsley3x: how are you not for certain I am not a kyke or a nigger?

(2:09:10 PM) creepytony329482: yeth we have slanty eyes

(2:09:21 PM) creepytony329482: its kike not kyke like you’re a dyke

(2:10:42 PM) xjhorsley3x: ohh you ryhme very well

(2:11:05 PM) xjhorsley3x: and maybe I prefered to but a y in it to make myself feel special

(2:11:50 PM) creepytony329482: kike

(2:15:06 PM) xjhorsley3x: so I’m a kike and your a slant eyes rice eatin’ motha fucka

(2:15:33 PM) creepytony329482: FUCK YOU

(2:16:27 PM) xjhorsley3x: hey man, you started it

(2:16:34 PM) xjhorsley3x: don’t want none, don’t start none


(2:20:17 PM) xjhorsley3x: I TURNED NOTHING DOWN

(2:20:53 PM) creepytony329482: im gonna come to your house in a santa costume, shoot everyone inside and burn the motherfucker down now apologize to me or else

(2:21:08 PM) xjhorsley3x: I see you read/watch the news

(2:21:35 PM) creepytony329482: THE GUY WHO DID IT WAS NORWEGIAN

(2:21:48 PM) xjhorsley3x: first I’m pretty sure you do not know where I live, and second the hell should I apologize for?

(2:21:59 PM) creepytony329482: calling me a kike

(2:22:18 PM) xjhorsley3x: I never talled you a kike

(2:22:20 PM) xjhorsley3x: I called myself one

(2:22:31 PM) creepytony329482: good

(2:22:41 PM) creepytony329482: im glad i have you trained to be afraid of physical threats

(2:23:40 PM) xjhorsley3x: ha

(2:23:45 PM) xjhorsley3x: I’m not affraid of physical threats

(2:23:49 PM) xjhorsley3x: now am I affraid of you

(2:24:41 PM) creepytony329482: you are now

(2:24:46 PM) xjhorsley3x: no, I’m not

(2:25:02 PM) creepytony329482: i’ll show up with my fucking flame thrower and kill your whole family with it after i run out of ammo

(2:26:09 PM) xjhorsley3x: good luck trying to find me

(2:27:41 PM) xjhorsley3x: It’s a real good thing you don’t encrypt your IP address

(2:28:03 PM) creepytony329482: i am using an IP blocker

(2:29:15 PM) xjhorsley3x: sure you are

(2:29:28 PM) xjhorsley3x: Hows life in Virginia

(2:30:54 PM) xjhorsley3x: In Manassas

(2:31:28 PM) creepytony329482: I love man asses

(2:31:40 PM) xjhorsley3x: I’m sure you do


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