the plauge, part duex 3

so after my last post, i went back in the house, took my temprature and it was 103.3, went to go take a cold shower, by order of my mother, and when i got into the bathroom, everything became surreal. i started balling my head off. still dont know why. my penis looked incredibly small, where talking 3 year old small. the room was all moving around, and nothing looked like it was supposed to.

i had the shower on cold, but it still felt warm. i just stood in the shower, shivering even though i wasnt that cold, and crying. the whole time trying not to fall over cause the whole room was spinning. then i got out, got dressed again, sat in the chair, my mom and sister bundled me up in blankets, and the whole shower scene felt like a false memory. like it didnt happen, but i know it did.

what the hell is wrong with me?

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