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A month or so ago this high school kid came to my front door trying to sell tickets to a play he was in. I have this general rule when it comes to kids coming to my

Cover of
Cover of White Christmas

door for fundraisers for groups and especially for the schools; I buy whatever they are selling. Probably not the best policy when you have 3, almost 4, kids and money is tight but I am a 100% supporter of the schools and do what I can.

This particular support was for tickets to see Irvin Berlin’s musical “White Christmas” put on by the North Kitsap high School. A lot of people may not know this about me but I really like plays. I’ve only ever been to a handful but each and everyone I really enjoyed. There’s something about a play that a movie will never be able to touch. The sense of being able to connect more with the story since it seems to be unfolding in front of you. Feeling like you are apart of it.  The whole thing is magical to me, makes me feel like a kid again.

I was honestly dreading the High School version of  “White Christmas” because High Schools tend to make things a bit…special.

I was happily surprised by the quality of the play. The NKHS drama troop did a damn fine job. They didn’t pull any punches either. There was no useless High School editing of the content, it wasn’t High School Musical – ed out. The vocal performances where very good and the two main characters did Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye justice. They really did an awesome job. The girl who played Betty Haynes had an amazing voice and brought a lot of passion to the role. I’m sure Rosemary Clooney (Who is George Clooney‘s aunt) would have been proud.

At the end of the night the play was well worth it. The high school did a great job and I look forward to their next performance.

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One thought on “The North Kitsap high School Musical “White Christmas”

  • Kaylie

    Yes I loved it too! We are such a old married couple! We will bring the children to the next one. Can't wait. I love you my play-lovin-half-mo!