The Magnificent Case of the Self Bitten Boy

Do you want to hear a little funny story about KODI? I’m sure you do!

Let me start by saying I love this little boy and he means the world to me.

So we had to talk Donald home last night after his visit with Jakob (a story for another day and time, but its worth it) and when we got there, Kaylie and I stepped out of the car to talk with Donald about some issues that where bothering us. I got a little heated and layed it on pretty think, but again that is a story for another day. In the car was Jakob, Kodi and JT. after about 20 minutes or so of Kaylie and I yelling at Donnie (it’s a good story, just wait until you read it!) we year Kodi crying extreamly loud and JT yelling that he did not do anything.

Well the mistake that was made on our part was when we opened the door there where bit marks on Kodi’s hand and Kaylie said “Did JT bite YOU?” to which JT immediatly rejected and claimed he did not (JT has only bitten someone once, he was 2) For some reason Kodi latched on to this and claimed JT bit him. Well, Kaylie and I both had talks with each boy and each one of them stuck to their story. JT claims he didnt bite him, Kodi claims he did.

After looking at the bite mark it was pretty obvious that JT didnt do it since the teeth marks where to small to be his teeth. And oddly enough they matched up to Kodi’s bottom teeth exactly. It took Kodi over an hour of lieing to us about it before he finally came clean. We made him sit at the table at my parents house until he wanted to tell us the truth. What really happened was he was jumping around in the car (even though he had been told NOT to) with his hand in his mouth, he slipped and fell then bit himself.

You can see the delima this put Kaylie and I into. We knew this is what happened the whole time, but we needed him to confess to it. It felt like we where in an episode of Law & Order. It all worked out. I think Kodi learned a valuable lesson, mom and dad will not tolerate lying.

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