the future… 4

There might be a break on y2cl and all of my comics as I take some time to get things in order with some recent events that have taken place.

IF y2cl takes a break it will only be for a little while. There WILL be a return. I will try to keep y2cl updating.

This means as of right now I am canceling all other comics with the exception of y2cl. This way I can focus on my life, my family and with just one comic.

This means I am taking The Skit and Skat Show! down.

This means I am stopping Inanimate.

This means I am going to sit back and let Mike take over completely on FAM

I am not sure about Fuzzy Memory yet. I am going to talk with Josh. I enjoy it alot, I might spread it out to updates being further apart.

I will do everything to keep y2cl updated and focused.

Please put my family in my prayers for reasons I can not say.

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