The end of today and the start of a new me. 4

So when I woke up this morning I had no idea today would go the way it did. My PLAN today? Wake up, feed the kids, kiss the wife goodbye as she goes to work, take the kids to my parents and get picked up by my wife and head to a family team meeting for that thing I’m not allowed to talk about.

Instead, my wife stayed home, I had an ultrasound on my liver and gallbladder done today to find out if certain aspects of my blood work that where elevated where dangerous. (It came back okay so far, I’ll find out more when my doctor looks at it). After that the wife and I went to Costco to get some goods, spent to much money and had to go to the bank and deposit a check that we found in the car to cover our over spending.

After this boring stuff we went to the place that made today interesting. Okay, never mind we did that BEFORE Costco, but it doesn’t matter. We went to the Air Force recruiters office. Why would I go there? Because I’m about 85% sure that I will be joining the Air Force within the next year. Why not join now? cause I need to loose about 42lbs before I can join, something I plan to do within the next 4-6 months. The interesting part? I HAVE to be in boot camp before I’m 28, which will be March or 2010. So I need to bust ass and loose weight. The requirement for my height, 6′1″, is 208lbs and currently I’m at around 250lbs. Let’s just say I’m going to be playing A LOT of Wii Fit!

Another question you are probably asking is why? Why would I join the Air Force? Well that’s complicated. I’m jobless. There’s NO JOBS out there that I can get to support my family of 5 on unless I finish school. I don’t have any money to finish school. Financial AID is a bitch cause they denied me due to me dropping out in 2007 for my sons medical reasons.

The Air Force will give my entire family medical, housing, benefits, and money. I have decided to join to support my family.

Your next question is probably what about y2cl? What will happen to y2cl when you leave for the Air Force?

Well, y2cl will continue. I’m planning to work hard and get a very large buffer for while I’m gone in boot camp to keep the site updated with new comics. Obviously I wont be around to respond to comments at that time, but my wife will be checking the site to respond to comments. Jon Anderson will also still be working on his portion for the comics and they his comic will still be posting when he sends them to me. So rest assured, y2cl will not stop during this time.

This is a very large decision for me to make and took a LOT of thought on my part. This is what I have to do, for my family.

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