The current state of my workspace 3

So I was sitting here, trying to fix my brother-in-laws laptop, transferring some files off my buddy Calvin’s PC to back up for him and trying to finish Friday’s comic thinking to myself ‘gosh dangit there’s a lot of computers on my desk’. Then I thought I should make a picture post and SHARE with you, the reader, what the current state of my work space is. Because for all intent and purposes this IS where y2cl is created.

And now you have look inside my little ‘world’ in which I create y2cl. Use it for evil.


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3 thoughts on “The current state of my workspace

  • Deth Invictus

    Your descriptions suggest you're confused here and there with left and right – I thought the green and black book is to the far left, for instance. And I've seen you through your webcam and the desk layout looks how I thought it was…..

    And I know there is more house opposite your desk – stairs, maybe? 🙂

    How many computers does the missus have? Or is that a black filing cabinet the Siamese Fighting Fish (Beta) is on?