The Borrowers at the childrens theatre

I start this writing while sitting on a yellow school bus on my way to Seattle Childrens Theatre to see ‘The Borrowers’ with Kodi and his class. I volunteered for this. 35 kids who talk constantly, complain about everything and apparently love ‘Poker Face‘ by Lady Gaga. I swear the little girl in front of me has asked to listen to it a dozen times already.

I have to pause here, we are on the ferry and I’m in charge of three kids and their snacks.

Lunch time is over. The three boys I was assigned to guard with my life (on a side note I’m pretending I’m a body guard and these three kids hold the key to the universe. Makes the trip more awesome)

I should tell you a story about lunch. It was my responsibility to make and bring Kidi and myself a lunch and snacks for the day. Well I failed. I spent all morning tagging faces in picasa. If you haven’t heard of it, i will cover it in a future post because it’s awesome on an epic level. I figured I would just buy some food at the Seattle Center since there’s only a million food venders there, and some of them even sell edible food. This plan however was thwarted when I got to the school and found out the we are not allowed to but anything for the students because the other kids would t get any and that’s unfair.

Are they serious?

I can’t buy my son a burger because other kids might not get one? I can’t but the three boys I’m in charge of ice cream because it’s unfair that the other chaperones didn’t/couldn’t buy their crew ice cream? The hell? We seriously need to stop coddling these kids. They need to know life is not fair and sometimes, pardon the expression, but sh*t happens.

Rant over, back to happy post about a day with my Kodi Bear.

We arrive at Seattle Center…and the buss driver drives around it three times. Not sure why, cause this just made 35 kids scream ‘ITS THE SOACE NEEDLE!!!!!’ over and over again!

The first half of the play was really good. The Childrens Theatre did an amazing job. I find that Kodi is so much like me in that he is constantly looking for HOW they are doing the stage effects while enjoying the play.

He makes me proud. kodi is such a great kid, he spent most of re first half of the play cuddling with my arm. Not afraid to be embrassed that his dad was here.

2:36pm we are now back on the bus headed to the ferry. The play? It was very good. I often forget how much I enjoy plays. Makes me excited that Kaylie and I have a date night planned in November to see a play at the high school.

Overall today has been pretty awesome and epic. I do wonder how long it be before Kodi no longer wants me to go on field trips with him. Until then I will enjoy them all to the fullest. Besides, by the time he doesn’t want me to go I’ve got field trips with Jakob, Saidey and Scarlet.

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