The Ballad of the loss of my Wisdom (teeth)

Man alive there’s a lot to say tonight, but I will try to be brief as to not bore you to tears. First I will start with my wisdom teeth woe. This all start on Wednesday morning while at work. My right bottom wisdom tooth started to give me some aches and pains so I did what ever red blooded American would do in this situation, I bitched and took it out on my co-workers. Around 7:30am I called my mommsie wommsie at work to let her in on my tooth pain woes at which she told me we should probably get my wisdom teeth removed, and me being a broke ass son of a bitch told her I couldn’t afford it. I should take a second here to mention that my night wasn’t as bad as it could have been since Barbara gave me her last 2 motrin, thank you they really helped. Back to the story. Well a little while later my mother calls me back to tell me I have a dental appointment ass soon as I get off work. Fantastic I thought, just how I want to spent my beginnings of my days off. To make things even better I was giving Barbara a ride home since her car is all busted and Norma wanted to talk to her about some bullshit and we didn’t end up getting out of there until 10am. So I took her home then hurried to my dental appointment. I was already thinking this was going to be a shitty day (see the post from that day) and I was right.

So they cleaned my teeth with a pressure washer and the lady must have spent 5 minutes on my wisdom tooth, I know this because I was in excruciating pain the entire time. I knew something was wrong when the Dental Assistant calls over the other assistant to say “hey, wanna see something interesting?” Oh boy I thought, this sounds like its going to be great news! Well, the dentist comes in and tells me in have this horrid infection over my wisdom tooth and that I have 8 cavities. The infection part is ok, that’s unavoidable really with the way my tooth grew in, but the 8 cavities just pisses me off. When I was a kid I ate tons of candy and drank soda like water and NEVER got a cavity, EVER. Seriously there where times in the summer I would go through a 24 pack of coke in a WEEKEND by my SELF. Now I’ve pretty much cut soda out of my diet and hardly eat any candy and I can’t seem to help but get cavities. I even brush my teeth now, something I didn’t do very often when I was a kid. Anyway, they gave me penicillin and Tylenol 3 and I spent all Wednesday and Thursday in bed waking up every few hours to take my pills.

I had so much shit I wanted to get done too, looks like I will have to do it tonight and next week since I have to fucking work Christmas day 4:30pm to 1am. If you want to be nice come to the bowling alley and say hello to cheer me up because I guarantee I will be in a shitty mood because I wont be able to be home with my family like I fucking should be.

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