The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lavagirl. 16

So yesterday was the 4th. I took my nephew JT who is almost 9 to see The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Robert Rodriguez‘s newest kid’s movie.

On the surface this movie looks like it may be somewhat entertaining, but looks can be deceiving. This movie is a GIANT hunk of shit.

The special effects are like Spykids 3-d, so not very good. The 3-d is lackluster and ends up being obtrusive in the end to the movie by making most of the colours seem off. The kid playing Max seems to be just a little to homosexual. One of his lines is “It’s my dream journal, i put all my most precious dreams in it! I’m never getting rid of it EVER!”

George Lopez comes in to play George Lopez the school teacher (he’s not called that, but they might have well just called him George Loqez ’cause its not like he can act. Don’t get me wrong, hes a funny guy sometimes, but not a great actor)

Oh, and the kid playing Sharkboy has this little song and dance number about Max getting sleep, its just…extremely lame I guess is all i really want to say about it.

Anyway, the overall verdict is the movie is apiece of crap if you actually want to see a movie, but if youre 8 years old apparently it is good.
~dog faced boy.

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