Take a little trip, in a magic rocket ship, over to Willow’s Grove. 6

I would like to introduce you to the world of Willow’s Grove, by Karl Kleese. I thrice-weekly web-comic that follows the adventures of Max and Bob through intergalactic wonders and mishaps. Abducted from their home planet (mysteriously called Earth) they now work hauling goods from planet to planet in search of their home. It reminds me a lot of Lexx, minus the sex bot who refused to have sex and the weird Depeche Mode guy who is some sort of ninja. Or maybe a better comparison would be to Red Dwarf, only instead of a cat becoming a man everyone stays very anthro. Maybe I am stretching a little on the comparisons here and should get back on track.

Willow’s Grove has been around for a long time and the above mentioned intergalactic thriller is only the newest incarnation in the archives. You can check out the history page (let it load, there’s A LOT of comics on that page) to read the previous strips.

The point is Willow’s Grove is a very entertaining and light hearted romp through a world worth looking at. You can tell this comic is a labor of love for the creator Karl Kleese. I know it is vastly different from what I do here at y2cl (most comics are) but I enjoy it and if will too if you give it a chance. Start reading here.

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