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As with most days there is a lot on my mind, I’m not sure how much of it I will type out but I can almost guarantee it will be rather long winded. I’ve been trying to keep my posts bite sized since I know how annoying it can be […]

Pinky, Thea and a work in progress of Nicole

There are these guys bowling on 13 and 14 right now, fucking belligerent drunk bastards. Right now they are making some ridiculous toast to something I don’t understand and chugging a beer. It’s not really annoying or anything, just sort of funny. One of them has a blonde mop for […]

Fatness and bowling

Seeing as how I am Calvin’s best man at his wedding I haven thinking a lot about him recently. I’ve been remembering a lot of the things we used to do, and still do today, and I realized him and I have been through a whole hell of a lot. […]

y2cl2point0 and some memories.