Maybe I’m seeing something wrong, or my local store is a bad example, but SEVEN rows of Batman V Superman Action figures and only ONE ¬†Wonder Woman? That insanity. I was told there is an Aquaman toy in this series but him not being easy to find makes sense since […]

Batman V Superman Action figure distribution

Read this about the new black Batman. I’m not sure how I feel about this reboot. I REALLY don’t like them starting Action and Detective Comics over, I think that is a terrible idea. I also think it’s pointless to re-start the numbering on a comic series that isn’t character […]

DC Reboot – Some more thoughts with covers and titles.

[youtube][/youtube] Hopefully you watched the video above and caught what the title really meant. It’s from the Axis of Awesome. This song is AWESOME. What I meant by the fall of creative music is they show you a CRAP TON of songs that use the same FOUR CHORDS. To all […]

Axis of Awesome 4 Chords – The Fall of creative ...