Maybe I’m seeing something wrong, or my local store is a bad example, but SEVEN rows of Batman V Superman Action figures and only ONE ¬†Wonder Woman? That insanity. I was told there is an Aquaman toy in this series but him not being easy to find makes sense since […]

Batman V Superman Action figure distribution

Read this about the new black Batman. I’m not sure how I feel about this reboot. I REALLY don’t like them starting Action and Detective Comics over, I think that is a terrible idea. I also think it’s pointless to re-start the numbering on a comic series that isn’t character […]

DC Reboot – Some more thoughts with covers and titles.

Hopefully you watched the video above and caught what the title really meant. It’s from the Axis of Awesome. This song is AWESOME. What I meant by the fall of creative music is they show you a CRAP TON of songs that use the same FOUR CHORDS. To all you […]

Axis of Awesome 4 Chords – The Fall of creative ...