Sadness ensued today for my daughter Saidey. You see, Kodi is going on a field trip today to the Seattle Aquarium and she really wanted to go along for the ride. I really wanted to take her. The school however, had different ideas and do not allow younger siblings on […]

Seattle Aquarium on a school trip with the Kodester

Another year has passed, and with it comes the passing of milestones. This year’s milestone for my beautiful wife is her turning 24. Oddly enough 24 is the age I was when I met her. 24 was also my favorite number growing up (if you grew up near Seattle you […]

My wife of 4 years turns one year older today!

I start this writing while sitting on a yellow school bus on my way to Seattle Childrens Theatre to see ‘The Borrowers’ with Kodi and his class. I volunteered for this. 35 kids who talk constantly, complain about everything and apparently love ‘Poker Face‘ by Lady Gaga. I swear the […]

The Borrowers at the childrens theatre

Click on the poster above. See that July 9th in Seattle, WA date? Yeah, the wife and I went to that show. And…it….was….epic! It wasn’t a surprise that we where going, i fact I found out about the show nearly a month ago and emailed Kaylie about. She promptly bought […]

Streetlight is teh awesome, Garmy Pants sits outside.

Another humdrum night here at Bremerton Lanes and I can’t help but want to write about it. The girl Elizabeth was here again tonight. She called me yesterday and woke me up from the little sleep I’m able to get, and while in this half awake half sleep state I […]

November 7th, 2005 “I can’t belive I gave her my ...