In refernece to my recent post about Bonaduce throwing Johnny Fairplay like rag doll over his head I failed to mention the comments of America’s Next Top Model WinnerAdrianne Curry:   “The last award was being given out by Johnny Fairplay. Obviously, he doesn’t have many friends, the boo’s and […]

10/04/2007 – Crab Cakes and Calzones

Danny Bonaduce straight fuckin‘ throws this survivor fag Johnny Fairplay over his head like a rag doll. I guess Johnny Faggot-play is sueing Bonaduce, check this: According to the report, Fairplay, whose real name is Jon Dalton, 33, alleged that he was presenting an award onstage when fellow reality show […]

10/04/2007 – Bonaduce Vrs the World!!

Welcome to my Evening RCOA blog entry. Make your selves comfortable, I am going to talk about some random shit that I find interesting. Man fucks 2 Shiatsu “massage therapists” and gets wanked off by a 4th, by request of the police “The informant allegedly was masturbated once and had […]

09/23/07 – Evening Blog