I think my last post might have struck a chord on the wrong string. I might not have articulated what I actually meant by it. Let me take a moment here to clearify. Some think I am agnostic, though I doubt they know what the term truely means. “Agnosticism (from […]

10/02/07 – Thoughts, ramblings and a Silver Tree…

Now I will spend some time and give you all the information on movies that are coming out that I learned while at the con. Ghost Rider~ I was a little leery about this at first but holy shit it looks fucking great. The panel I sat in on where […]

Comic Con part three: Movies i saw previews of that ...

So being back home sucks balls. I was enjoying myself being carefree down in San Diego and now I come back home to 16 hour work days and my best friend dating my ex. As well as my most recent ex and that whole situation. It’s all just stressful. Anyway, […]

Comic Con 2006 Part Duex: Attack of the Weiners