i have such fucked up sleep patterns i swear. i slept from about 5pm-10:30pm today, possibly longer, im unsure as to when i actualy layed down. And now is 6am and im still up. not that i mind it, but i was thinking. if i am ever to share my […]


ok well, i couldnt sleep last night. i layed down at around 12:30, which is early for me, at the time i was extreamly tierd. dylan, garret and i went to go see The Grudge, yet to be told no again. third times a charm right? might try tonight or […]

No sleep and movie rejection

man,i couldnt sleep last night. fuuuccckk im tierd. school is going to suck today. i really dont want to go, and im having to constantly re-convince myself that its a good idea to go. like right now, im thinking that it would be a better idea to just stay home […]