I think my last post might have struck a chord on the wrong string. I might not have articulated what I actually meant by it. Let me take a moment here to clearify. Some think I am agnostic, though I doubt they know what the term truely means. “Agnosticism (from […]

10/02/07 – Thoughts, ramblings and a Silver Tree…

Hold up! What’s that you say? This image is anti-American? Why sir YOU are anti-American! How do you know Dubya DOESNTY heart midget porn? HMM??? There is nothing more American then watching God‘s little punch lines Midgets expressing their freedom of speech and horrifying pleasing us all with sexual acts. […]

8/21/07 – Dubya D Duble D’s

Tonight was an interesting night, erm IS an interesting night. But before I start there, let me start somewhere else. We had band practice last night and are hoping to get an impromptu show tonight somewhere. Calvin is going to go looking around to see what he can get, maybe […]

DTC, World Series, Cartoons and the Asians.