Ok so I should admit that I watch a lot of Disney Channel. I know to those who know me personally this is not a shock but to the readers of y2cl it might be. Yes, I watch The Suit Life Of Zach & Cody (and On Deck), Life With […]

I’m frozen and The Disney Channel is my friend

So here I am sitting at the San Diego airport waiting for our plane to arrive to take us on the magical journey that is the plane ride back to the Emerald City. The odd thing is I can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to coming home. I know when […]

Comic Con 2006 Episode 1: The Nerdom Begins

Watching a Disney film with Kepa, having my (ass) G-spot pummelled by cock and magical balls. Excellent contrast. This Disney movie is profoundly erotic. And I’m not just saying that because I’m coming explosively. Earth spirits wearing hot red loincloths that can only make low moaning noises. Mmm mmm! NOTE: […]

holy shit