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Read this about the new black Batman. I’m not sure how I feel about this reboot. I REALLY don’t like them starting Action and Detective Comics over, I think that is a terrible idea. I also think it’s pointless to re-start the numbering on a comic series that isn’t character […]

DC Reboot – Some more thoughts with covers and titles.

I’m not sure if you have heard the news but DC Comics is re-booting it’s entire universe after the events of their current story line FLASH POINT. I do think this is a pretty awesome idea. DC Comics really does need to be brought into the modern world in a […]

DC Comics is rebooting… supposedly CANCELING Action and Detective Comics!

So next week I am running a special ‘themed’ week (lame, I know) called ‘WATCHMEN*: Rorschach‘s Lost Journal Entries’. No, it’s not about Rorschach losing his journal and having to find it in a series of comedic episodes (though that is a good idea). It’s The journal entries that you […]

Rorschach in y2cl?

The safe word is….banana. B.A.N.A.N.A.S I am back from my wonderment camping trip of everlasting joy and…rain. Why is it that the drive out there always seems to take for-fucking-ever, but the drive home goes like a snap? On any account the trip was for the most part pleasant with […]

8/20/07 – It’s Payday foolios!

I would like to say publicly say “FUCK THE WOCHOWSKI BROTHERS.” With that said, let us talk about the new movie that is coming out called “V for Vendetta” staring Agent Smith from the Matrix as V and some other bitch as the lead female role (I forget her name […]

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