i was just asked ‘trina_the_playful_muse: so what are you working on currently? like comic wise? or artistically period…’ and so i answered her xjhorsley3x: ok, list what i m working on, here goes trina_the_playful_muse: lmao xjhorsley3x: y2christ-lite(my webcomic) xjhorsley3x: y2christ-weekly)webcomic for divine nation) xjhorsley3x: Paige(a 12 part GN told in […]

woah Things I’m working on

a few minutes ago, i had this converstation lizzybizzy20012002: hey xjhorsley3x: hello lizzybizzy20012002: what part of bremerton do u live in?? xjhorsley3x: on seabeck hwy xjhorsley3x: but not out in seabeck lizzybizzy20012002: u single?? xjhorsley3x: yes lizzybizzy20012002: what is ya name xjhorsley3x: J lizzybizzy20012002: real name plz xjhorsley3x: that is […]

Underage Propositions