From comic y2cl#53: Nick? NICK?! on I had this awesome idea that Nick would have his own little sub-story line about being in the Air Force. I think I only did the one strip, got bored and several months later brought him back on leave. One of the biggest things […]

y2cl – Looking Back on 1000, part two

Once upon a time, in the far distant land of Germany, home of Heinekan, that hot chick from Euro Trip and Union of Heroes. The latter being quite possibly the greatest photo comic on the net, and what this post is about. From the web-site Arne writes: “Union of Heroes […]

Union of Heroes plug of plugtastic plugness!

I would like to introduce you to the world of Willow’s Grove, by Karl Kleese. I thrice-weekly web-comic that follows the adventures of Max and Bob through intergalactic wonders and mishaps. Abducted from their home planet (mysteriously called Earth) they now work hauling goods from planet to planet in search […]

Take a little trip, in a magic rocket ship, over ...

So next week I am running a special ‘themed’ week (lame, I know) called ‘WATCHMEN*: Rorschach‘s Lost Journal Entries’. No, it’s not about Rorschach losing his journal and having to find it in a series of comedic episodes (though that is a good idea). It’s The journal entries that you […]

Rorschach in y2cl?

So I’m not sure if anyone realizes this but on December 4th I launched a kids web-comic called ‘The Skit and Skat Show‘ with artist JP Manzanarez.  What’s funny about that comic is there are some people that told me I couldn’t do a kids comic, to which I hope […]

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