My sister got a wild hair up her ass last night and decided she wanted to go see Star Trek at the 10:05pm pre-showing. She called me and my dad and of course we said ‘hell yes we will go!’ And go we did. First thing I want to say […]

Star Trek review by the y2cl guy

(1:54:41 PM) creepytony329482: sup (1:54:46 PM) creepytony329482: whats going on (1:59:05 PM) xjhorsley3x: not muich (1:59:07 PM) xjhorsley3x: who is this? (1:59:28 PM) creepytony329482: my name is rshxd (2:01:40 PM) xjhorsley3x: rshxd? (2:01:42 PM) xjhorsley3x: interesting name (2:03:20 PM) xjhorsley3x: youve been sending me some very interesting IMs (2:05:50 PM) […]

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