Chuck Norris once lost the remote, but maintained control of the TV by yelling at it in between bites of his “Filet of Child” sandwich. Today was eventful…to say the least. It started out fine. Kodi woke up all cute like and cuddled. Jakob slept in until almost 10am. […]

4nov07 – hospitals, kates and fight club OH MY

Now I will spend some time and give you all the information on movies that are coming out that I learned while at the con. Ghost Rider~ I was a little leery about this at first but holy shit it looks fucking great. The panel I sat in on where […]

Comic Con part three: Movies i saw previews of that ...

I’m really liking how this is coming along Man after reading Vern talk about the sex scenes in Brokeback Mountain now I REALLY want to see it. Even though I always feel embarrassed when I’m I theatre and there is sex on the screen, like I’m some sort of pervert. […]

Wires 1-2 and some Brokeback stuff

Whoa, there’s an In Touch magazine up here at the desk and I was just looking in it, and besides the ridiculous Angelina/Jennifer phony feud over brad bullshit there’s a picture of Ashley Simpson from her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. First off since when is she of age? […]

November 12th, 2005 “my ass itches, and my ass i ...