Syriana – Ripping off the fingernails of your eyes.


~7 out of 10

I went to see this movie after the DTC show on Saturday with Sarah and Dylan since they called and begged me and completely disregarded that I had to work at 1am as well as the fact that I was really tired. This all ended up being ok since I rather enjoyed the movie. I do have to admit though that when Matt Damon first came on screen I really wanted to just yell “MATT DAMON!!” in a very retarded voice, and I kept chuckling about this for awhile throughout the movie. The movie itself deals with the CIA, the Iranian Prince and big oil companies, none of which are easily defined as the protagonist group at any point in the movie. George Clooney plays the role of a CIA agent that specializes in taking down threats but is slyly double crossed the moment he is in peril on foreign land. Damon plays the role of an analyst who starts working for the prince of Iran (played by Mr. Sidig who played the doctor of Deep Space Nine) after some unfortunate events happen (which I will not spoil for you). I can’t really go to much more into the characters without giving away the story to you, but what I will say is this movie does an excellent job of making you switch sides on who you think is good and bad throughout the whole movie. All in all I think this is a pretty important film to see, regardless or how much is actually truthful or not, mainly because it gives a pretty good idea of what happens that we don’t ever get to know about. Also it’s based on a book, and books don’t like people.

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