so i wonder if i will ever complete ANYTHING when it comes to art and writting.
its not that i need more time in a day, there are plenty of times where i an sitting staring at my computer doing jack and shit.
i just need to FOCUS i think.
i keep inching my way towards getting something completed, but not quite getting there.
im back on track with my web comic, and that makes me happy, up to strip 112, and i have up to 115 done. and strip 116 is at the penciling stage. i have had dreams about dark horse or comics one asking me to let them print y2cl, but then i wake up, hah. on cei finished fixing and colouring all the early stips im going to do a printed version of the first so many strips. i will add some content to the printed version so if someone actualy buys it, it wont be just the strips printed.
well, thats all i have to say, i have BOTAR playing in my ear, and work to do.

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