Streetlight is teh awesome, Garmy Pants sits outside. 1

Streetlight Manifesto TourClick on the poster above. See that July 9th in Seattle, WA date? Yeah, the wife and I went to that show. And…it….was….epic! It wasn’t a surprise that we where going, i fact I found out about the show nearly a month ago and emailed Kaylie about. She promptly bought tickets as a present for the both of us. Why did she do this? Well for starters Streetlight is an AMAZING band and anyone who ever has the chance to go see them should. Second tickets where only $12. Third we have never been to a concert together, so why not make Streetlight Manifesto our first? This wasn’t my first time seeing themas I saw them back in 2004 with Garret, but I missed their show in 2005 and the one in 2007.

My work also had a bar b-q the same day (last Friday to be exact) so the plan WAS to hang out at my work until it was time to catch the ferry, eat drink and be merry then hobble my drunk ass and my wives prego ass to the show and have a blast. Unfortunately this plan was ruined by Kaylies work and good judgment.  She got off work to late and I decided getting drunk then going to a show would end up in me possibly missing the show.

We got there a little late as the show started at 6:30 and we caught the 6:30 ferry over, but it’s all good. The venue was so hot I think I lost 30 pounds as well as some skin that melted off in the process. There where literally people sweating so much the color of their clothes changed color.

The first person we saw was Dan Potthast which is best summed up by a dorky guy in glasses with an acoustic guitar. I have an audio clip I recorded of him that you will be able to hear in a future y2cl radio episode, but until then peep this (not from this show, but from one in Melbourne).

Next one where the Wonder Years. Didn’t care for them and during their set I was at SoDo Deli munching on a sammich.

After them The Supervillians came on and played an explosive set. The only thing that annoyed me about this band was 1) as soon as they went on the place lit up with pot. 2) after their set they where outside peddling their CDs. Which is fine and all, but I wasn’t to cool with them peddling it DURING Streetlight. and 3) nothing was set on fire. They are The Supervillians, things should burn.

Halfway through their set, and incidentally after the above song played, Kaylie and I went outside because Garret and Missy finally decided to show up.  Now Garret is a big Streetlight fan, he introduced me to them many years ago, so I would figure he would have bought a ticket prior to the show. Alas he did NOT and the show sold out.

I don’t want to be a jerk about it, but here was my view of the show:

And here is where Garret was:

Crappy quality picture I know, but it get’s the point across that he should have bought a ticket and not been a loser!

Though honestly, about 4 songs in Kaylie and I went outside to chill with him because we couldn’t see the stage anyway and it was hot as fuck in the club. At least outside it was cool and there was an open door that allowed us to see the stage WAY better then we could from where we started inside.

All in all the show was fantastic! Streetlight but on an amazing show. On of the coolest things they did was this” (again, not from the show I went to but you get the idea)

If you EVER get the chance, go see Streetlight. In fact, buy their albums you will NOT be disappointed. Unless your an idiot.

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