stories for the night 3

first this girl wanted to have sex with me. she has msg’d me many many times with this coment or having sex with her. i never thought she was serious, so i just played along, cause honestly, who just wants to have sex with someone they hardly know? well, tonight she was ready to drive to my house to hump me, at this point i said ”i try to make a habbit out of NOT having sex with random people thank you very much” to which she got EXTREAMLY pissed at me for. basicaly telling me to fuck off and die because i didnt want to have sex with her. not only is she kind of annoying, but she isnt very pretty. not at all.
so i called trista, woke her up and told her this story, in return i heard a story from her. and all i have to say about her story is that one certain guy is a real big asshole, and should be ran over by a train.

and my second story of the night wil be told as i told gayrret”

Garmichael1: damn niggah, you still up?
Garmichael1 is away at 3:20:53 AM.
LTCOBismyBiatch: god damn you and being away

Auto response from Garmichael1: Im asleep in Dreamland. If you’re Shannon, you’re there with me. If you’re not, then its perfectly okay to feel extreem jealousy.

Garmichael1 returned at 3:21:23 AM.
Garmichael1: weiner
LTCOBismyBiatch: oh, and my asshole feels like i was just in jail
Garmichael1: hahah
Garmichael1: why
Garmichael1: waht did you put in it
LTCOBismyBiatch: i just took the biggest shit ever imaginable
LTCOBismyBiatch: seriosly, my asshole feels like a void right now
Garmichael1: hahahah
LTCOBismyBiatch: it hurt soooooo bad
Garmichael1: thanks for sending my mood of complete arousal
LTCOBismyBiatch: its still stings alittle
Garmichael1: to that of complete disgust
LTCOBismyBiatch: im good at that
Garmichael1: hahah
Garmichael1: hahah
Garmichael1: dude, trust me, I would very much like to see it again
LTCOBismyBiatch: you know
LTCOBismyBiatch: in those anal sex porns, when the guy pulls out and the girls asshole is opened up
Garmichael1: but i gotta get some sleep now.
LTCOBismyBiatch: thats how mine feels right now
Garmichael1: yeah
Garmichael1: hahaha ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR RECTUM
Garmichael1: Rectum?! Damn near killed em!
LTCOBismyBiatch: that, and a little like when y ou get hair ripped off your arm with strong tape
Garmichael1: ouch
Garmichael1: okay
Garmichael1: im going to bed
Garmichael1: night
LTCOBismyBiatch: sweet dreams
LTCOBismyBiatch: dream about my poor anus

thank you, and good night

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3 thoughts on “stories for the night

  • devil_shat

    i'm just acknowledging your portraits. one is nick. i think the one in the glasses is actually quite good.
    rest assured, i'm fascinated by other people's art, even if i don't respond to every post. well then! maybe i should. maybe i should.
    by the way, centering your posts makes me want to weep dejectedly.

    • avgs

      thanks. i should post on all yours too, just a hardy 'hey i looked at this', heh.
      and i think ill center everything i post then, just for.
      kind of like how i put my name on every reply just for you