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I did that because they got onto me (not literally) about my posts having a lot of one liners that take up a lot of space. I’m sorry I will try not to do that as much. I started putting the pictures next to the text to try and save you people from scrolling madness, if this is helpful let me know, if it’s annoying let me know that too. Also, if you are not even reading this, let me know as well.

I’ve been thinking about our old friend the STD and how I really don’t want to meat up with him. I think one of the reasons I don’t gallivant around fucking a bunch of hotties, besides the fact I look like if Richard Simmons and Daffy Duck had a kid, put it in a sack and beat it with a stick, is that I really do not want to rot my penis off. Now I’m sure most of the girls that I could (yeah right) get with are clean and all, but I have a hard time sticking my dick in a house ball (i.e. something everyone sticks their dick in). I guess if I got one it really wouldn’t change anything about my life, I don’t do anything sexual to begin with, besides fuck my hand like I’m in prison. And I could always just kill myself.

I feel the same way about if I became disabled in some way, like if I went blind or deaf. I don’t think I would honestly care much. I figure I would either learn to adapt to life this way or just die, either way it would work itself out. The janitor and I got in a discussion tonight because I told her that I have been single for 3 years$ and she assumed that meant I have been alone and sexless for three years, that I was unable to ‘get any’. This made me think, because overall I have been sexless for three years minus two indiscretions with some people from the internet and I started to think was this my choice or a net result of me being so shy and pathetic when it comes to talking to girls. I say this because in general I will not talk to someone unless I know them or they talk to me first. For example there was a girl inhere about an hour ago, cute seemingly nice, possibly a lesbian but that didn’t stop my mind from thinking of other things. I wanted to go up and say hi to her and introduce myself but I just couldn’t do it. And I think I figured out why. It’s not because I’m afraid of a girl shutting me down or anything I really don’t care about that much. It’s more that I don’t want to be intrusive upon the girl and bother her. What I mean to say is she comes in here to bowl with friends, she probably doesn’t want some jackass behind the counter trying to get her number and she will probably think they just want to fuck anyway, which is not true (in my case at least). I have found that if a girl shows some sort of interest and talks to me I have no problems talking to them, asking them the questions and so on.
I’m not sure if this is something I want to work on, or if not bothering them and staying generally out of their way. Thoughts? Comments? Leave them bellow.

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