is up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that The Skitish Network is up and running!

It’s not perfect, not complete…BUT it is up and running and will be a great place once the whole thing is complete!

There will be an RSS feed for it soon…as well as an RSS feed that allows you to get updates from ALL of the Skitish Family of websites in one simple RSS.

You might be asking, J, what the heck is The Skitish Network? Well my friend, The Skitish Network is a family of web-sites and projects that I have creator and am a part of. There you will find links and info about ALL of the web-comics that I am in someway involved. You will also find information on all the bands and music I have recorded as well. I hope to one day allow others into the Skitish Family with projects that I am not apart of, but they would have to pass a test.

So what’s in next for The Skitish Network? Soon there I will be adding 3 bands with downloadable mp3’s and CDs to purchase. I will also be adding another family friendly web-comic to the site. In addition to that I will be making a sub-site for my novel ‘Memoirs’ that will contain character descriptions, updates on the progress and little easter eggs for those who choose to read it. (The novel is scheduled for an early 2010 release) There will also be a sub site for my childrens book titled ‘Ruffles’ that will be release mid-late next year. I am writing it and I will have a very talented artist handle the illustrations in that book rather then do them myself.

So there you have it folks, The Skitish Network is your one stop shopping spot for all things I have and will create! There is a lot coming down the pipes on The Skitish Network so please check it out and continue to check it out!

p.s. I added a COTM link category for love.
p.p.s. I am more then willing to add a link to anyone else that will link to!
p.p.p.s. I am also willing to add a link to any of the sites to anyone who want’s to link directly to one of them! i.e. you want to like to Ollie and Quinn but not The Skitish Network, I would be happy to put a link on Ollie and Quinn for you!

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