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The Sidewinder (of Read My Complaints) y2cl review that he refused to publish. That’s right, y2cl was in such a ‘class of it’s own’ that he did not post this review. But I am, for you all to read. It’s from September 2008. Also, check out what he DID post.


Misc. Info
Author: “J Horsley III”
Other Works: N/A
Started: October 2003
Number of Comics: 349
Voting: No
Incentives: N/A
Incentive Updates: N/A
Genre: Humor
Rating: R. Violence, Sexual Content
Notes:Reviewed by author request (J Horsley III). The first things that must be known about this comic, and if you get anything from my review at all, get this. Listen carefully, because this is more of a big deal than it may at first seem: Y2CL advertises and has a slow server. To the extreme on both sides. So much so that it can take literally take MINUTES to move on to the next comic. When each comic takes less than 5 seconds to read. If you press next as soon as the page loads, you will find yourself very bored from waiting. Please try waiting just two minutes if you don’t think this is a big deal. I got stuck on page 17 for 10 minutes, trying to move on. And what was my reward? Happy Thanksgiving. Damnit. Occasionally you get a streak in which you can go a few comics without a long load, but this should be a constant.

Coloring: Colored
Style: None, according to the author.
Effort: I’ll give him this: You can tell the characters apart, and usually you can tell what’s going on. The work looks like it had some effort put into it, I’ll give it that too. But it’s not good. And that’s the bottom line. It’s not stick figures, and by the end, it actually looks half good.
General: Look, the bottom line is that this art could be worse. It could be a lot better, but it could be a lot worse. The art refines and evolves, like any good art does, but it never makes you want to say ‘wow’. The art here isn’t of any object, one supposes, because they’re off fighting zombies, ninjas, or another Jesus. Action doesn’t come off as bad… but characters look static often. Really really static. Sometimes there’s a background, sometimes none. More often none in the earlier comics.

Background: Can you tell? I’m not quite sure. I think there are just some random people and random things happen to you.
Complexity: Not only is it intolerant, racist, insensitive, objectified women, constantly makes lowbrow toilet and sex humor, but the characters are less than utterly flat. They transcend the plane of boring, flat, unrounded, cliche, and scarecrow characters. They literally make no sense at all. These characters actually score negative on a characterization scale, and that’s not making an insult. There’s no ‘rubric’ column for something this utterly pathetic. I’m not sure if the storyline is supposed to have any logical backing since it features a naked fairy princess that seems to love the MC despite his constant jacking off with friends. Y2CL, which I would like you to remember stands for “Y2 Christ Light”, alternates between utterly failing to produce a storyline (or any form of clarity, for that matter), and making nonsensical one-shots that make seemingly less sense. I pity the poor soul who ever lies eyes on Y2 Christ Heavy. Or normal for that matter. The comic is the epitome of low-browhumor“.
Continuity: ERROR 404 – Story not found
Clarity: Terrible. I’m going to be honest: Half the time I couldn’t tell what was going on or what any of the character’s motivations were. They occasionally throw in a strip that you will THINK is a noncanon one-shot strip, but then they reference it later, directly in the story, as if it happened. I would understand referencing a filler as a joke, but it really appeared to be ‘part of the story’.
Substructure: N/A
Draw: I guess the bottom line is this comic puts out a legitimate laugh once in a while, but the comic’s story is tearfully bad.
Overall: I don’t know if this comic was meant to have any story beyond senseless gratuitous violence and sex, because that’s what its ‘story’ excels at. The author, in my humble opinion, either intentionally writes an offensive and terrible story on purpose, or has multiple personality disorder, because when he does one-shot comic joke strips, they are genuinely funny. I can’t tell if this is a glimmer of hope that show’s he’s not all bad, or if this is the one part of his comic yet to be damned. I guess there is accounting for taste. A fair amount of people are completely retarded (or are twelve, I suppose), and still laugh at the simple sex joke and get off at watching a naked fairy. You may notice I’ve reviewed other comics that have sex or sexual themes in them. Why did they not get bashed on this point? Because it was part of the story. Y2CL’s story for this character is that the other dimension she comes from doesn’t make you wear clothes. Original. Did I mention she has some inexplicable attachment to an equally flat-as-cardboard character who no girl from this dimension would touch with a 20 meter pole? Well, at least the MC wasn’t a self-insert. Okay, that being set aside for a minute, let’s remember the Y2CL is based off a Christmas card. Christ is rolling in his tomb. Or maybe some pagans. Who knows. As far as I can guess, the card was probably short enough to warrant being funny. I’d really like to wrap this up, so let me address one other peculiarity. Ninjas. Ninjas can be funny. Just look at Dr. Mcninja, White Ninja, the list goes on. At the end of the day, one of two things happens. Either you are using it for humor and succeeding, or you are part of the problem. Ninjas have the capacity to be funny, if used correctly, and can be bad ass, if used correctly. Y2CL fails to exploit either. Don’t make your epic foe a giant crack smoking rabbit. I think that sentence should be sufficient for anyone who reads this review to get where this plot is going. Did I mention on his first try he gave up because there was no story after 11 pages?

Update: 2-3 days usually. Lots of fillers as of late.
Site Design: The Ads. Are slowly eating my mind. Send help.
Oh yeah, and also: info pages. Character page is okay, but the about page is less than 10 lines with a broken link to ‘more info’. The contact page doesn’t give an email address for the creators. This was probably wise on their part. They encourage you to use the form provided for death threats though, but I wonder if anyone thought this comic warrented the time.
Comic Navigation: Whether it is the fact that the site is crowded with ads or just bad servers, this site moves incredibly slow. I know I already said this. It’s a reminder. Because I can’t stop being reminded.

Art: 3. Not bad. Static characters though.
Story: 1. If what I see is a story, I hope I’m wrong.
Upkeep: 1. Comments loading. Please wait.
Final Grade: 1. I’m not sure this comic has any redeeming qualities whatsoever. There’s violence, racism, and is one of the biggest lag-mongers I’ve ever seen. A story can redeem bad art. Art can’t redeem a story. If you want to pop in every now and then to read this guy’s one-shots that don’t deal with the story, I don’t blame you. I just pity you otherwise.

Closing Remarks
I may decide not to post this. Generally I’m against reviews that look like pure flamage. It’s not healthy and will only get the author negative attention… So since you’re reading this, I must have decided that the benefit the author gets out of reading this will be worth more than the negative attention they might get.

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