Sept 27: Honey Smacks rule.

Just a quick update while I’m at my house visiting my father before I head off to work. He’s doing pretty good I guess, he’s pretty sickly most of the time. Right now he is doing good. They cut most of his hair off last night, they where supposed to shave it bald but decided against it to let him have some of his hair a little longer. It’s weird to see him with short hair since this is the first time EVER in my life I have.


I have been slacking on my son duties on visiting and spending time with my dad…something I am correcting. I’m trying to come by each day to see him. It’s just so hard because of everything that’s going on in my life and with Kaylie. I want more than anything to be there for Kaylie for everything she needs but I know I need to be here as well. I have some thinking to do, a lot of things to figure out. I really do love Kaylie and her kids very much, and I know she does too so working this out shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just over thinking things right now, I need to sit back, calm down and let things come.


On a different note Kaylie helped me (and by help I mean she did it for me) get my financial aid paper work done and turned in. It looks like I will be going back to OC to finish up in January with FULL financial aid. After that I am going to transfer somewhere to get my bachelors. I don’t want to be a security guar my whole life!


Well I will write more tomorrow, new stuff on Jenn, more on my dad and more on Kaylie! For now I need to spend time with my dad.



love to all but some.


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