Sept 15th: Today is a good day to read this blog….

Man I need to get back in the swing of writing these blog thingies. It would help me if the computer I have here would stop resetting whenever I plug in the wireless USB card. It’s a Netgear WG111 and I have already downloaded the service pack 2 fix and still it will reset. I think when Barbara was using that computer for the month or so she accidentally downloaded some sort of worm virus or something, because this computer has been running smoothly with no problems for about 3 years. I’m going to format and reinstall XP to it and see if that fixes the problem.


As I am typing this in Grama’s room on her computer (Kaylie’s Grama not mine sadly) Kaylie is rocking Jakob because he is not feeling well. He has a temperature of 100.4 and is fussing a lot. Should be a fun night watching over him. Not that I mind one bit, I’m happy to be here to help out all I can.



Today over at my parents house I spent most of the day cleaning 200 boxes of comics out of my room and then putting my bedroom stuff in it only to go back to Kaylie’s to sleep. We also drug JT with us to play with Kodi…now that’s an interesting adventure on its own! Let me tell you about it! We took them to Albertsons to buy some chicken, which didn’t get eaten, and some Joe Joes, which also did not get eaten, and some other random stuff. JT was so cute trying to watch over Kodi, like a little babysitter. I love that kid, he reminds me so much of myself when I was his age, only half the size. Kodi was being troublesome as always, he’s a good kid he is just 3 almost 4 years old and is at the defiance stage, so it’s fun.
When we get back to the house, after getting movies from Blockbuster, JT has been trying so hard not to get frustrated and god damn is it cute! Right now JT is reading Kodi a story and putting him to bed then going to bed himself. I love these kids.



And now is my cue to finish this up so we can put the sick baby to sleep then watch a movie ourselves.


Good Night, and Good luck!

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