Sep 21: 40 Days until Halloween 2

It’s time for a real update. The last one was trickery. Trickery I say! Why was it trickery you might ask? Well if you keep reading you might find out by the end of this post. See? Now have something to hook you into reading this ridiculous post! Damn I am smart. Enough about me, keep reading!


Time for me to fill you in on what’s going on in my life, or at least what has been going on…wait…I’m having a little bit of a retarded moment here. I just said the same thing twice…ahh fuck, I’m out of practice on this whole writing thing. Hold on one second while I go punish myself for wasting your precious myspace and livejournal time.
Ok I’m back, slightly bruised from the bludgeoning I just took as punishment, but all in all still alive for the most part. Let us get back to the task at hand, filling all you nosey people in on the hip-hop-happenings of my life.
As many of you know My Mystery Girl and I have finally become an official couple…well as of September first. I’m sure most of you know who the mystery girl is, but I feel the need to still keep her ambiguously hidden in my pocket for only me! If I tell you who she is you might try to steal her from me then I would have to make new butt buddies in prison after I shank yo’ ass, and as appealing as new butt buddies might be I would rather pass on that.
I spend almost all my free time with my mystery girl and her two kids and I have to say it’s a whole lot of fun. Granted the getting up at 6am to a fussy baby, having a 4 year old jump on your junk while you are in slumber land, really makes you do one of two things. The first would be that you RUN LIKE FUCKING HELL TO THE HILLS AND HIDE UNTIL THE KIDS ARE IN COLLEGE!!!! And the second, the one that I picked, would be to enjoy it because it’s a wonderful thing watching and being apart of the development of children…even if they endanger your manhood and your sleep. It all comes down to what’s more important I suppose me or the kids. I will gladly sacrifice my time and what I want to do if it’s in benefit of the kids.
On a side track here let me change the subject to my mystery girls ex boy toy. He calls her ALL the freaking time and is trying to get her back. Telling her about what he misses and about how he felt when Jakob was born. Not to be rude, but here’s a reality check there buddy, YOU CHEATED ON HER! Sticking your fingers in another girls vagina while your girlfriend, who you supposedly love, is in the house IS cheating. And if you still loved her now while you are trying to get her back you wouldn’t be out fucking fat chicks. No doubt you still have feelings for her and a whole shit pile of animosity (that’s anger) towards me but understand she isn’t with you and doesn’t want to be with you. I don’t want to be mean or an asshole to you but shit man, how many times does she have to tell you that she is with me and does not want to be with you? I mean she tried to tell you this before I even came along but you told her no. What kind of shit is that? You can’t just tell someone “Nope I’m sorry, you can’t break up with me, I’m not allowing it!” and expect them to be all hunky dory about it. You need to leave her alone and only talk to her in reference to the little one and that’s it, you both need time to heal and move on over this. The way you are handling this is not good for anyone, especially not my mystery girl or you. Since all you are doing is trying to give yourself some false hope.
You sit and tell me how you love being alone, how your life is better without her and how you just love getting fucked up all you can, then you call her and complain how you want her back and kiss her when she doesn’t want it. She told you she doesn’t want you so back off. You also sit and tell me how you go to Seattle and smoke a shit pile of weed and almost shoot up, yeah that’s the kid of role model the little one needs in his life as a father. Next time you are out with your buddies having a good time, just think to yourself “Hmmm, what kind of image does this project to my son? If he was here would I want him to see this? Or would I want him to do this?” Children learn by what their parents do, you are a father now act like one.
The last thing I will say about this is that you need to stop being a father of convenience. You can not take the kid only when it works out for you, that makes you a bad father. You if you agree to have him from Friday until Monday then for god sakes don’t call of Sunday saying you have shit to do and you can’t “watch” him anymore. Here’s a little piece of news for you, ITS NOT WATCHING HIM IF HE IS YOUR KID! It’s called parenting!
I have no idea why I am writing this like a letter to him, it’s not like he will read it. I think I just needed to vent about it because it has really been getting on my nerves. If I had a child with someone I would do EVERYTHING in my power to be with that child as much as possible. Hell I would FIGHT for sole custody so I could be with that child every night and every day. That child would be my world. My life would be 150% devoted to giving that child everything he or she needs and wants and would not in anyway ever compromise any time I could be with them or time I could have teaching them what I have to give. But that’s just me.


I bought a PSP off my mystery girls brother for $150. It came with a case, 2 movies (Spiderman 2 and Mr and Mrs Smith) and one game (some DBZ game). I just want you to know that I have had it for about a week and have yet to use it or play it myself. Right now it is sitting with my nephew and he is playing it. He gave me his DS Lite to play while he has my PSP, but I left it there because I know I wouldn’t play it anytime soon. I do want to play my PSP…and I will eventually, I’m just busy! And I like to waste money of gadgets I wont use.


So right now my wonderful mystery girl is asleep behind me on the couch and she looks sooooooo cute right now! I love it! I should take a picture! Ohh I will, on my phone! *click* done! I’ll get hell for that in the morning. Tonight I put both kids to bed because my mystery girl isn’t feeling well, amazingly they both went to bed easily at 8pm. Even the littlest one who has been fussy off and on for the last few days, all I had to do was rock him a little then lay him down and he went right out. I was expecting a fight, but didn’t get one, it was amazing!


Now I think I will leave you all and go put my girlfriend in bed and possibly go to bed myself, might mess around on the internet a little more.


Odd fact, if you take “life is kind of hard like a body building elf so save the planet and kill yourself” and translate it to Japanese and then back to English, it comes out as “If life like the elf of the body building following, excludes the planet and murder you yourself, just a little it is hard”



peace out.


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