SAD!!! 7

I lost my drum key.
This upsets me cause now I can’t chance the heads on my drums until i go buy a new one, which wont be until friday.
it also means I can’t tune them.
Sad fucking day.
they are also liek $20 i think

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7 thoughts on “SAD!!!

  • transtempts

    ::pat pat::
    sorry to hear that.
    on the subject of books- did you want to try and sell a couple hardcover anne rice books (i keep getting these from people without my asking for them. so i want to get rid of them. and well, some other stuff too..a few mercedes lackey that were just really dull..)
    let me know and i can bring them over whenever. 🙂

    • The Revenge Post author

      yes mam i can sell those. im home everyday pretty much right now. during the day if you jsut wanted to drop them off. if you want to hang out and drop them off then a weekend would be best for me, as i have become increasingly busy during the week, lol.
      how was your trip by the way?

      • transtempts

        I could drop by friday night, if that would be alright. I wouldn't be averse to hanging out. 🙂
        Great, shall pack unwanted books in trunk soon-ish.
        My trip was a lot of fun. We got to see a bunch of cool monuments, Yellowstone, stayed in Deadwood, which made my sister ecstatic, and saw an amusing reenactment. The hotel we stayed in was over 100 years old. If you look at a picture of it I can actually point out the room we stayed in. The historic Franklin Hotel.
        All in all, a really fun trip.