Rorschach in y2cl?

So next week I am running a special ‘themed’ week (lame, I know) called ‘WATCHMEN*: Rorschach‘s Lost Journal Entries’. No, it’s not about Rorschach losing his journal and having to find it in a series of comedic episodes (though that is a good idea). It’s The journal entries that you HAVEN’T read. Featuring, but not limited too, Rorschach tells a knock knock joke, Rorschach’s thought on ‘M*A*S*H’ and ‘CHEERS’ plus much more!

So here is a little preview of the artwork for those strips, we shall see how much the finished product looks like these!

Rorschach from Watchmen

Rorschach from Watchmen makes a guest appearance.

*WATCHMEN and Rorschach are copyright and TM to DC COMICS.
This is a parody, meant for the funny. Don't sue me, I'm poor.

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