Red State – holy crap

So some people might now I have had a little infatuation with Kevin Smith over the years. Not like a “oh holy hell I love that fat man” but more of a “oh holy hell I love that fat mans work” From when I first saw Mallrats on VHS as a kid to seeing Clerks II down in San Diego with by buddy Sean I have been a loyal fan of his work (though it should be noted I have not seen Cop Out or any of his Interview movies past the first one. I have however seen ‘Jay and Silent Bob do Degrasi’)

I mildly follow him online and his company View Askew through my google reader, but I generally only skim the posts. They often come in 2-5 posts at once, are generally long and full of shit I don’t care about. This one however caught my attention:

Red State” Recoups Budget BEFORE Release!


RLY. Check out their post about it here.

I guess Red State only took $4 million to make, Kevin made it outside the studios through investors and such and it has ALREADY made it’s budget back and paid back it’s investors. And it’s not even in theaters yet! This is pretty frickin’ awesome. This pretty much means that no matter what it does upon theatrical release it is a success story.

Remind me next time Kevin Smith calls me to invest in a movie I say yes, and not “Kevin who? The Clerks guy? Really? You haven’t had a heart attack yet you fat bastard?”

Until then, I leave you with this.

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