quickies 4

Couple of quick things:
~I’m getting really tierd of looking at rocker’s from the 70’s and 80’s. They all look really really really fem, and not in a good way. Why am I looking at them you ask? Well we bought a shit ton of comics and mags from this 54 year old stoner and he had tons of them, and I get the honor of sorting them all.

~I want someone/something for my life to revolve around.

~I’ve been thinking of one girl way to much. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a chance with her.

~I vacumed for the first time in a year.

~I havnt washed my bedding in 8 months.

~I sleep like shit every night and wake up more times then i can recall.

Now I’m leaving, discuss this amongst yourselves.
~dog faced boy

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4 thoughts on “quickies

  • oneonthefence

    Well, I can't really discuss this amongst myself, since talking to myself is a bit strange, but I can discuss with you…;)
    -Rockers from the 70's and 80's crack me up, look-wise (think: Nelson, Whitesnake, etc:) but musically, most of them were pretty damn good. And I'll take weirdness and good musicianship over punk-wannabes (think: Yellowcard) and 17 year-old talentless hacks any day!!
    -Let your life revolve around you. It feels so good to love yourself so much:) Seriously, though, that will come in time. Plus, your life revolves around your art, in part, right? That's a pretty good thing.
    -If there's no chance with the girl at ALL (aka, she lives across the country, has a boyfriend, etc) then do all you can to let it go. Why torment yourself? I don't know the situation, but I know it sucks to want someone you can't have…
    -Congrats on the vacuuming. That was hella clean of you:)
    -The bedding thing, though? I'd wash that. Us womenfolk like to hop into bed with a guy who has nice-smelling, unsoiled sheets. Plus, the less you wash them, the more of a chance you have of breaking out into pimples/rashes. And that's not good.
    -Sorry you can't sleep worth shit:( Maybe it's because you have all of these things on your mind. I wish I could help you, babe, because I know it sucks. And I know I don't know half of what's going on in your life. But I DO know that you are awesome, and that you are a kickass artist, and that you can talk to me about anything at any time:)
    I'm done now….

    • The Revenge Post author

      ~i would rather listen to GOOD music then shit. which is why i dont listen to crappy hair bands or shitty punk. 😛
      ~i'd rather it not revolve around me, i tend to not like myself. im kind of an ass.
      ~but she is just so god damned cute.
      ~thank you thank you *bows to the audience*
      ~ok, so it hasnt been that long, but still, its been awhile.
      ~maybe i should take sleeping pills?
      ~dog faced boy

  • chewy_aka_dave

    House of the Dead is definately on the top ten worst theatrical release movie list. ( I have to say that because I have seen many straight to video/dvd movies that sucked harder) so being that he directed it… yeah, Bloodrayne will most likely (to quote the Bart Simpson) "defy the laws of physics by Sucking and Blowing at the same time"!