Quick! Somebody call Eye X Eye Eye!

So apparently 9-11 was some sort of anniversary of something, I forget what though. I think it was some sort of attack on America…OH! Now I get it! it was Dylan’s birthday! Twenty Seven years now he has been terrorising American with his awesomness! Dylan, to you I wish a happy birthday (a day late, but still happy none the less!) I am sorry I did not create for you a remembrance post like I did last year but this year I did not have enough time!

I would like to point out that on September 21st y2cl will have been back on the air for one full year! Granted, the regular updates didn’t start until December 25th and between September 21st when I announced the return and December 25th when the regular updates started (and have yet to be missed I might add) there where only 16 strips in that 2 month period (which is only a few shy of not missing an update)

This post was meant to go up on 9-11 but alas I am lazy. Oh well.

I wanted to have some new art for this update but I don’t. I PROMISE my next blog post will be full art and/or awesoness!

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