Purple Pig#1

Purple Pig 1


There’s this old story from my dad that he used to explain the rarity of an item is relative. The story/joke goes like this.

Purple Pig#1 is the rarest and most valuable comic in the world.

There is a man who loved Purple Pig and wanted to own a copy of Purple Pig #1 for his own collection.

This man saved for years to afford to put the prestigious Purple Pig #1 into his collection.

Finally he was able to dumb his life savings and everything he own and bought that Purple Pig #1, took home and admired it.

The next day his best friend calls him and says “Hey man! did you hear the news! The found a Warehouse FULL of Purple Pig #1’s! They are selling them for $.10 a truck load!”

The moral? Only spend money on something that you really want and not just because it has value brought up by artificial means.

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