Preview of an upcomming comic 6

I know I already made a post about this over at (my art site) but I felt the need to make a quick update here, since I like giving previews. Today I went to my brother-in-law’s studio (aptly named MRGstudios) to bust out some paints. I’ll get pictures of the studio since he has given me a little space to work there (he is the main mind behind Furry Animal Magic). This is an oil painted background for what I am hoping will be next Wednesdays comic.

Pretty, isn’t it? Can you ever guess what the comic will be? I bet not! I do plan to do a full on painted comic this year, maybe a few. I feel like stretching my artistic muscles with the comic. So expect me to keep my tradition of trying new styles to tell stories in. My current plans are:


  • Oil Painted comic
  • Acrylic painted comic
  • Water Color painted comic
  • clay sculpted comic
  • live action photo comic
  • paper mache comic
  • paper cut out comic
  • colored pencil comic
  • crayon comic
  • more comics with food sculptures

Those are just a few of my crazy ideas. How many of them will I accomplish? Probably none. Someone will talk me out of it (this is my peering eye at you frumph).

And with that, I’m out!

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