Preview of an up-coming comic!

So I notice that Tony Piro likes to post up ‘previews’ of upcoming comics over at his joint Calamities of Nature. This I find to be a great thing and have chosen to steal this idea for y2cl to post snippets of upcoming comics. Hopefully he hasn’t copyrighted of trademarked this act or I’ll be fucked.

Without further adieu I bring you a preview of a comic I am working on that will probably publish in a week or so.

Just a Snapshot

Just a Snapshot

This is still very rough, Dylan’s face needs a lot of work and it’s only about half of the main characters for this strip and I still need to do the backgrounds. This continues where #375 JN Loses his job left off and will take us through a quick detour in z2c to tell a 100% true to life story.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down future memory lane (not sure if anyone will understand that).

Until next time, This is Bruce Nolan and THAT’S the way the cookie crumbles.

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