Phil Frumph is making an appearance at Intervention Con 2010!

So the set up of would not have been possible without the help or Mr. Phil, AKA Frumph. He has helped me to set up and learn some CSS to get all of the sites here together. Without him I would still be trying to run everything in PHP code written by my buddy Garret 7 years ago. Not that it was bad code, it’s just I never would have left it. Phil got me into Comic Press and yes allowed me to annoy him with questions for the last 2 1/2 years about it. So it is with great pleasure that I post this here for you to read, straight from the desk of Mr. Frumph to mine and now passed on to your eyes to read.

I will be at InterventionCon 2010, Sept 10th through the 12th holding workshops for WordPress and ComicPress,

Beginners Workshops:

  • Creating your website, understanding hosting and CMS’s (Content management systems)
  • Setting up, Understanding & Configuration of your website with WordPress & Comicpress
  • Understanding how WordPress and Comicpress works.
  • Basic CSS understanding.

This is always great for those that are not beginners that would like a refresher on the basics.

Intermediate Workshops include:

  • ComicPress/WordPress Options, Child Themes and getting the most out of your site. (there is *a lot* to this)
  • Designing your site with CSS, understanding of the basic CSS concepts is necessary.

Advanced Workshops:

  • Advanced CSS design,
  • Child theme programming tricks,
  • Getting the most from your site, ways to increase hits and readers.
  • Advanced topics that are only available at this workshop.

If you can take the time and create a blog post on your site about the workshops, I would really appreciate it.

Looking forward to seeing you all at InterventionCon

And there you have it, straight from the lions mouth! If you can attend, and want to learn about CPO, Phil is the guy to learn from!

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