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When this goes live on the site and you are reading this I will be completely passed out under general anesthesia as the doctors take a knife and slice my wrist open to pull out the daemons that have inhabited the space.

Yes, I will be getting surgery on my right wrist.

Since I found out I was having surgery on Tuesday I’ve been very nonchalant about it to everyone. I’ve passed it off as not a big deal, it’s minor surgery and I’ll recover quickly.

The truth? It scares the SHIT out of me.


I’m an artist, musician, writer, computer ‘guy’…all of this and more I do I use my right wrist heavily.

I’ve had these problems with my wrist for a long time. 11 years at last count. And for the last 11 years I have been avoiding surgery. I have this unhealthy fear that I will get the surgery to ‘fix’ my wrist and it will go horribly wrong. I won’t be able to draw, play my guitar, pick up my kids, play catch with my sons or generally just be me.  It’s a serious fear of mine that I will have to cancel my comics and sell my guitars because I will have no use for them.

All of this is a huge part of my life. I love playing with my kids and I could adjust to that if my hand fell off.  I love to make comics, and I suppose I could learn to draw left handed. But I couldn’t play guitar or drums..well drums I could. I’d just be like the drummer from Def Leapord.

This is me, signing off. Hoping that I can make my next post with both hands.

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