Part one of a day trip to Seattle: Game Works and Cheesecake

So I am writing this the day after I went to dance in the valentine with Jesse. The day after I drank a little more than I should have and elated all around Seattle. A day in which I went to bed at 2am to get up at 7am with screaming kids/ a day after what was a really good night. How good? Just read my last post.

The picture, is unrelated.

The picture, is unrelated.

Spent the morning arguing and yelling with and at my kids/ not sure what it is about kids in the morning on the weekends but they like to spend most of their time running like thy are being chased by Michael Jackson and screaming like he caught them. I swear my kids could wake up a bear in hibernation. I mean a real bear, not hose hairy gay things that have taken the homo world by storm over the last few years. Then again, they could probably wake them up as well. In a non creepy way of course.

Let’s jut stop talking about my kids and bears in the same paragraph and move on. I didn’t mean it to go that way and I am sorry. Please forgive me, I know not what I’ve done.

The wife and I packed the kids up and headed down to a place called “The Zone Sportsplex” to let the kiddies play on the imflatables. They seemed to love it like a fat kid (read: me) loves ice cream. I wish I could go on them and bounce and slide down the giant inflatable slides. It’s not fair that I’m all grown up and fat and would probably deflate them if I jumped on for the wild ride.

We watched the kids play, watched some young girls soccer games and enjoyed the view. I did make a comment as we walked in that I wish they served beer so I could kick back a cold one while the kids burnt calories. Low and behold when I went up to get some drinks (which included a white chocolate Carmel mocha for me, which incidentally is the most racially confused racist coffee you can order) I noticed on their sign that they do indeed sell bottles of beer for $2.50. Since it only cost $21 for three kids to play I could feesable pay an extra $20 on drinks for me and get 8 down and have the kids entertained for $41 total. Not bad, but I’m not a drunk and wouldn’t do that…

After the Zone we headed out to my parents house and ditched 2 of our 4 kids there so we could take the chitlins over to Seattle. And by Other chitlins I mean the eldest and the youngest, seeing how we where taking the eldest over to see The Harry Potter Exhibition and the youngest one is only a month old and mostly sleeps through things like this.

The Cheesecake Factory in Seattle

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We headed off on our grand adventure to Seattle a little after 4pm when out tickets to see The Harry Potter Exhibition wasn’t until 9:45pm, we wanted to get there early to have dinner and dork around. I’m not sure why, but we decided to head to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Let me take that back, I know exactly why, my wife wanted it and she generally get’s what she wants. In this instance it was okay with me since this place makes some bomb ass food. I mean that literally too, their food contains little bombs of flavor that explode in your mouth. (Try not to think dirty with that one) Little known fact is the Cheesecake Factory doesn’t take reservations, at least the wouldn’t from us when we called an hour or so prior to arriving. Maybe we are just not boss enough. Also non-little known fact is the place was pact with people and there was an hour wait. Good thing for us Game Works is across the street.

This would be our eldest first time to Game Works and he was wide eyed and like a kid on a  sugar high the entire time. He kept saying “This is like Chuck E Cheeses…only way better!” Why yes son, yes it is. This place is mostly racing games and shooting games, which to an 8 year old is like heaven. Couple that with the ticket games and crappy kid food he never wanted to leave. Hell, I never wanted to leave. I spent time with him racing in a Hummer, shooting giant ass spiders from the back of a Jeep and watching him race a Ferrari down the streets of San Fransisco and Highway 101. How much more awesome could this get?

Well, there seemed to be a lot of high school kids there dressed out in their best 80’s outfits, that’s how much more awesome this could have gotten. I now know how people felt when I was in high school and there was the 70’s flashback days that we thought where so long ago and ‘retro’ when I see people ‘dressing up’ in 80’s and 90’s attire. Styles that I remember seeing on TV and in real life everywhere I went…only much like the 70’s costumes of my high school days these where WAY over exaggerated. Because I never remember seeing people in super hot pink and neon green spandex that where so tight you could count her stubble. Think about it and you will understand. And it’s not like it’s easy to NOT look and a guy and a girl in super tight spandex that’s neon colors, they sort of burn your retina as they walk by with their glory. These kids where underage but I swear to god their tailored their outfits to induce people to look at the low and lovelies. Seriously, it’s like they where holding signs saying “Look! We shaved!”  I would have taken a picture to share with you this but I felt I might get arrested for inappropriate pictures of minors. Thank god they where at least both cute.

During a roaring round of shotting some tanks from a turret our little Cheescake Factory beeper thingy-ma-bob started flashing. We had to abandon that fight so we could partake in the good eatings of the night.

Don't laugh, these are delicious!

We take our seat at the Factory (that’s what I’m calling it no because I’m tired of typing Cheesecake) and order ourselves the hardest drink on the menu…a Shirley Temple with extra cherries. That’s right, hard core drinking right there. Only I don’t like cherries so I had a Dr. Pepper instead, but still, hard core.

One thing I forgot about the Factory was that there maybe a long wait to get it, and it may be loud, but the food is fantastic. And they give you so much of it. I ordered a Chicken Cesar and literally only could eat about a third of it before I was done. No one was able to finish their food and we have yummy left overs to take home. Even though we couldn’t finish our dinner we still order ourselves some cheesecake (doesn’t count, it’s not in the name of the Factory and I was using it to describe the type of desert I ordered, so bleh). You cannot go to the Factory and not order cheesecake. That’s like going to Safeco Field and not watching the baseball game.

We ate our cheesecake, paid our bill and stormed out in a blaze of glory to our car to head off to the Pacific Science Center to see The Harry Potter experience. Which you will read about in my next post, title “Harry…Harry…Harry Potter!”

Read part two here.

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