2016-05-11-TH3 - Haduken Jack
I love Street Fighter. I’ve taught all my kids to say ‘haduken’ and throw pretend fire balls.  

Haduken Jack

Happy Mothers Day!
My wife is an amazing mother. Just ask her kids. But do it after she’s given them some chocolate or something cause who knows what un-bribbed kids will say.

Mothers Day 2016

There will be spoilers in this, so read at your own risk. So I went and saw a movie last night. Captain America: Civil War. I’ll be honest, I was worried this movie would be too overcrowded with characters given it’s basically the Avengers with Hulk and Thor replaced by […]

Civil War, everything you wanted and more.

Jacks new Scar
Jack got in a fight with the stairs. I’m not sure who won.

Jacks new scar

2016-04-27-TH3 - Saidey plays
The girls have a desk under my desk. They love to play under there while I work.

Saidey Plays