October 10th: monster screaming alarm clocks…

So fuck me, I just want to sleep…but I have to go to gay ass work tonight. It’s not so bad since it’s a three- eleven shift, better then my weekend eleven pm to seven am bullshit. I’m getting so freaking tired of working graveyards and with the monotony of what I do. I get so bored. Last week a fight erupted in the transit area between 12 guys…well two main guys and 10 other guys going around them throwing punches and kicks in. And I was stuck in the middle as the only security guard to handle the situation. I just threw the other guys off the two main guys and watched the fight, I‘m not about to get my ass kicked by 12 guys for $9.00 and hour. I did however get hit in the back of the head by some guy. I grabbed said guy by the cuff of his collar and threw him rather hard to the ground and into a metal pole. He got up and ran away.
Besides that, things with Kaylie…I mean my mystery girl…. Are going great. Besides the being sick off an on not wanted to get up…ever. It’s kinda irritating wanting to sleep all day, because I know I can’t. speaking of that…I’m going to go sleep before work.

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