Oct 7th: The day STL enters my blog…. 3

So the other day I sat down here and wrote up a blog. It was only a few paragraphs long, and I got up and had to leave so I left it up on the screen to finish later. Of course I neglected to remind myself that this isn’t my computer and it gets shut off every night. Oh well, I can just try and re-write it sometime…but not now because I have the option of taking a nap…I like that option!

On a baseball note GO STL!!!


Up 2-0 over San Diego! Sadly they are down 3-0 in the bottom of the 7th in the game that’s on right now. Come on St. Louis Cardinals rally back! Also, Detroit is up 2-1 against the Yankees! Today at one it could be all over for the boys from New York! I love it!


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