Oct 22: Seaside Adventure Part One

So I have a whale of a tale for you on this sunny October day. I also have many wonderful splendiferous pictures for you to boot, but alas I am at Shitartar’s house and do not have them with me. Hmmm….maybe I can transfer them to this computer or scan my recent sketching for you all to gander at…ohh, scratch the plan, but I will however scan the drawing for you all to ponder at. Don’t get to excited because alas it will not appear until later in this post.
on with the story

So as some of you may know I bought a new car last week and I got it on Wednesday. It’s a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Really nice inside and out, I like it a lot. Well while at work that night I was texting Kaylie and we decided that after work we where going to load up the kids and drive down to Seaside Oregon for Thursday. You might know that Seaside is about a 3 hour trip, or you might not but you do now. We took I-5 down instead of the much more and ever so convenient 3 over to 12 through Shelton route. Well we get to the Aberdeen cut off on I-5 and decided that we wanted to take the ever so much longer route through Portland and add 3 hours to our trip.

So we get to Portland and we need gas. Now Oregon is this Nazi state that does not let you pump your own gas. We pulled into a Shell station that was closed but had pay at the pump thingies so we figured that it was like here where you can just pay yourself and shit after they close. This however was NOT true in any fucking way and I just looked like a jackass and I think I might have put a phantom charge of $30 on to my account. After this we get lost with only very little gas in the car. In fact the little nifty read out said we had 4 miles to empty when we finally found a station that was open. Somehow the magical Oregon trip to Seaside Ferries helped us out and got us back to I-5 and then to 30 out to Astoria on their pixie dust wave of joy.

Something we found out, the road from Portland to Astoria is long, windy and really fucking boring. It was also raining and we kept getting passed bay EVERYONE. I will skip the pleasantries of that portion of the trip because it was mostly spent with Kaylie asleep, then waking up freaking out that I was wrecking the car and then being quite again until the next phantom car wreck. Let us move forward to when we arrived in Seaside at 5:30am…that’s right folks, we left Bremerton at 11pm and got to Seaside at 5:30am..6 and a half hours to drive a 3 hour trip. Fun stuff.

I think I will stop here and post the Seaside Trip Part Two tomorrow with pictures. Why would I do this? Because I’m pretty bored with typing and want to hang with tar tar and my Kaylie. Oh, and I lied no drawing today. I’m way to lazy to go to the car and get it.

Peace out bitches


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