November 9th, 2005 “My Back Hurts” 9

Man Monday through Wednesday are fucking busy days for me. I’m at work 1am to 9am, then I go home and have until 4:30 or so to sleep then I have to get up and go to school Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday I come back to the bowling alley to bowl league. After which I go home ad have from 9 until midnight to sleep and be back at work at 1am. Needless to say I’m really fucking tired through these days. I have found out that working graveyard you never really get to sleep, you just get to nap a lot. I’ve become a very good napper (which word is now telling me isn’t a word at all).


So I taught these two girls how to make the ball curve when bowling. Well, my taught I mean I showed them how then they attempted it for the next hour, doing it every so often. I do wonder how old they are with being here at 3:37am with their mother.


I want to go on the record and say that ‘Inu YAsha’, ‘Full Metal Alchemist’ and whatever is on after it that I’m currently watching on Adult Swim all suck. They are complete crap. I can’t believe Adult Swim is playing this shit. They went from playing Bebop and Trigun to this shit not fit for the toilet. It’s so hard to find good Anime these days. Come on you Japanese people, make something good would ya?


So I bowled league tonight and shot 182, 164 and 243. While working tonight I bowled 4 games to pass the time. I shot 215, 258, 247 and 217. Why the hell couldn’t I do that during league? Sheesh.


not much to say today, but I drew what’s below tonight.
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